What Will You Choose to Love

Bottom line is, when it comes to health and wellness, love is what matters.  Love structures our water.  Love creates and begets life.  Love brings harmony and balance.  Love binds all things together.  Love is the totality of truth and beauty and goodness.  Love heals and makes sense of suffering.  In the end, love is all that remains.

When love creates, light is what happens.  I have come to believe that this is why light causes photosynthesis and makes structured, gel-phase water and turns on stem cells (google each of these to research light’s effects in nature).  You can argue that all of these are due to the energy present in light, to photons.  But that smacks of superficiality, a reductionistic explanation devoid of transcendence.  I think when God said, “Let there be light” as His first act of creation, His love took on created form, binding matter and energy into life, becoming the foundation that creation was built upon.

Love takes what is separated and brings it together, unifies that which has been split apart.  So much of unhealthiness is due to our tendency to separate our body and mind; to think that our emotions and thoughts don’t affect what happens in our body.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Healing is always about getting our thoughts and feelings and physical body working harmoniously together.  We have a choice to make.  You see, love requires freedom because love is a choice.  We can choose to love any number of things that we think will get us what we want – wealth, power, pleasure, honor – but unless these things, all good in and of themselves, are connected to love, they become addictions.  And addictions are ultimately about living in a scattered, disconnected way.

Bottom line is, we need to work on keeping all aspects of our lives – our food, water, breathing, anger, joy, resentment, suffering, relaxation, money, respect, political leanings, opinions – connected to love.  There is nothing in God’s sovereignty or will or wrath or mercy or anger or compassion that is not in His love.  That is Divine Simplicity.  That is what created us and is how we, as human beings, are optimally healthy.  Connected to ourselves, to others, to God, to love.

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