Surviving EMF

Since the early 1900’s we, due to the explosion in technology, have been adding layer upon layer of new electromagnetic field (EMF) frequencies with which our body/mind/spirit must learn to cope. These EMFs disrupt the natural bioenergetic frequencies that structure the water in and around our cells (not only ours but also those in soil, plants and animals) so they can communicate and learn and heal. The end result is a disintegration of the harmony and balance that our being relies on, leading to illness, emotional imbalance, mental fog and spiritual disconnection.

It has become virtually impossible to avoid EMFs but we can do things like turning off the router at night and not carrying our cell phone on our body. Restoring the structure and coherency of our water needs to be the focus of remediation strategies. I see this as requiring a three-pronged approach: harmonizing the disruptive EMFs, supporting detox in the body and, most importantly, remaining in love.

Harmonizing disruptive EMFs – Grounding (having our skin in contact with the ground) is basic to this so we can easily shed electrons and keep electrical flow going. Being insulated from the earth produces stagnation. There are all kinds of products one can find online that purport to mitigate the effects of EMFs. Two that have been shown in evidence-based studies to provide real benefit are EMF rocks and Living Design Technology .

Supporting detox – EMFs are just another toxin that we have added to our environment.  The truth is that the chronic illness we experience today is due to our body being overwhelmed by this massive toxin overload combined with not getting the nutrients we need from the food we eat so our body has the energy and raw materials it needs to detox and heal.  Detoxifying needs to be a part of our lifestyle, not just something we do once or twice a year or when we feel bad. A detox lifestyle has three important legs –

  • eating clean, nutrient dense foods
  • water only fasting (intermittent, 24-hour, 5 days, etc.)
  • getting all the amino acids we need to build detox compounds from whey (kefir, yogurt, sour cream, etc. – not powdered because it has been heated and denatured) and long-cooked, whole carcass bone broth, both consumed as often as possible.

Remaining in love – This is the crux of the issue.  Harmonizing and detox do not happen well unless they are connected to love.  Love structures our water, provides the foundation for healing and keeps us connected to ourselves, each other and God.  How do we remain in love?  By being intentional and mindful in our thoughts (think prayer); by maintaining gratitude to creation, to ourselves, to others, to God; by keeping our anger and hurt and frustration and hatred and prejudices and judgements all connected to love; by choosing to love love more than we love wealth, power, pleasure or honor.  As Scripture says, love covers a multitude of sins.  So, stay in love and be healed.

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