Reasons to Work with Neal!

  • I want help figuring out a holistic lifestyle that will give me the best health I can have 
  • I want to minimize how many medications or supplements I take or eliminate them all together 
  • I feel generally healthy, but I want to learn if there are some other lifestyle choices I could make that would make my health even better 
  • I struggle with digestion issues, and I want natural options for improving this 
  • I struggle with chronic health issues (allergies, overweight, joint pain, heart/lung problems, neurological problems, etc.) that are not going away, and I want to learn if there are natural lifestyle choices I can make to improve my situation 
  • I know that stress and emotional struggles are making my health worse, and I want to learn how to change this 
  • I’ve been taking all these medications and I’m not getting better 
  • I have unexplained symptoms that my doctor can’t figure out 
  • I go on a diet and lose weight but then I gain it right back.  I need to learn how to get to an optimal weight for my body and stay there 
  • I can’t lose weight no matter what I do 
  • I feel tired all the time 

What can you expect?
Modalities offered

What is Homeopathy?  Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is based on two assumptions:

  • our bodies are made to heal themselves
  • the symptoms that we experience are what our body is doing to accomplish that healing

Therefore, all homeopathic remedies are made from naturally occurring substances (e.g., the remedy that heals poison ivy is made from the poison ivy plant) that support our body in having those symptoms.  Like heals like.  In other words, the idea is not to get rid of symptoms and suppress healing but support the symptoms and enhance healing.  For more information, ask Neal or visit

What are Bach Flowers?  Dr. Edward Bach was a physician and homeopath in England in the 1930’s who became convinced that physical illness was caused by emotional imbalance.  He came to believe that, as a doctor, he could only promote healing in a patient if he got to know them and then discern the emotional difficulties they were struggling with.  Based on this, Dr. Bach developed a series of 38 remedies – all tinctures made from different flowers – that supported various aspects of emotional wellbeing, thus impacting physical healing.  For more information, ask Neal or visit

What is Herbology?  Herbology, rooted in the Traditional Chinese, Aryuvedic and Native American Medicine systems, centers on supporting the body in healing using various parts of plants that contain compounds which are physiologically active.  These plant parts (leaves, stems, roots, flowers and seeds) are prepared and ingested or applied to the skin in different ways – teas, tinctures, poultices, capsules, etc.  There are many good websites (just search herbology) or ask Neal for more information.

What is Iridology?  Iridology is a physical exam of the irises of one’s eyes to determine the type of physical structures present.  These structures have been correlated with difficulties that a person may be struggling with in the different tissues, organs and systems in the body.  This is not a diagnostic system – rather, it is a finding on physical exam that can be triangulated with symptoms a person is having and other findings on physical exam to help one discern the parts of the body that need to be supported for them to heal.  For more information, ask Neal or visit

What is Reams Theory of Biological Ionization (RBTI)?  Dr. Cary Reams was a biochemist who developed a system using tests performed on saliva and urine to give a snapshot of how our bodies are digesting and assimilating nutrients and making the resulting energy available to promote healing.  Again, this is not a diagnostic or treatment system but one that indicates systems in the body that are struggling and need to be supported in order to heal.  For more information, ask Neal or search RBTI on the web (no one best website).

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