Resource Page

As a Traditional Naturopath, the most important thing I do is education.  My real job is to work myself out of a job as you figure out the healthy holistic lifestyle that works for you and you take charge of your own health and wellness.  To that end, these are the websites that I turn to for information and help:

My favorite guru for all things health is Dr Tom McCowan.

My favorite source for information about food and eating is Weston Price

My favorite sources for figuring out which homeopathic remedy to use can be found here and here (I can teach you how to use these).

My favorite source for information about Bach Flowers.  I can teach you how to figure out which ones to use.

The best source I have found for how to help your sick child.

My favorite spiritual mentor.

My favorite source for regenerative agriculture/garden and soil amendments.

My favorite source for animal mineral supplements.

My favorite source (in addition to Standard Process) for people supplements.

Best sources to find clean, nutrient dense food EatWild and Home - Real Milk

My favorite sources for information on fasting are Jason Fung MD, Daniel Pompa PScD and Valter Longo

Two sources for EMF harmonizing that have been shown to really work are EMF Rocks ( and Living Design Technology (