Light, Water and Air

Everything interacts.  This is a basic tenet of quantum physics.  In reality, in creation, nothing occurs in a vacuum.  Nothing is compartmentalized.  Everything affects everything else.  And this affect is not limited by space or time (google the research done on intentionality to understand this).

This is especially true for light, water, and air, both inside and outside our body.  These three – it never ceases to amaze me how trinitarian creation is – are indispensable for life and optimal health.  Understanding that they all depend upon and interact with each other is integral to helping us discover and implement a lifestyle that leads us to that optimal health.

I am convinced that light is created love; that light is what happens when love speaks.  I believe this is why the energy of light can affect such things as photosynthesis and structured water, things that are foundational to life and health.  Light and air interact to do photosynthesis; light and water interact to structure water; water and air interact to oxygenate water.  Without photosynthesis and oxygenated, structured water life would not be possible.

So, practically, what does all this mean?  It means that hydration, breathing and sun exposure should never be taken for granted and should be intentionally pursued as integral to our health.

  • Hydration – we need to drink one half our body weight in ounces of clean, healthy water every day.  Healthy water is pure (filtered free of toxins), mineralized, oxygenated, and sung to (positively impacted by the sounds of nature including loving human words).  If you don’t believe the sung to part, look at the research done on plants that are grown with water that has heard loving words vs. negative words.  Love matters for everything, everywhere, all the time – period.
  • Breathing – we all need to re-learn how to belly breathe like we did as infants.  Once you get it, breathe this way as deeply as you can whenever you think about it through the day.  Watch the sunrise and sunset and intentionally belly breathe as deeply as you can 10 times.  Hold your child and let them feel your belly pressed against them as you breathe in and out.  Remember to breathe.  Just breathe.
  • Sun exposure – get at least 20 minutes of non-sunscreened sun exposure every day you can.  If you have been convinced that the sun is your skin’s enemy, then it’s time to reconsider.  Yes, sunburn damages our skin and needs to be avoided.  But judicious time spent in the sun is necessary for life and health.  Artificial (incandescent, fluorescent, LED, etc.) light doesn’t do it.  We need all the visible and invisible wavelengths of sunlight or firelight or candlelight in order to properly nourish our body, mind and spirit.

Just breathe and drink and sunbathe – with gratitude and appreciation – and live!

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