I would love to hear any responses or disagreements you have to anything I write.  Please comment!  I love to debate issues since I know I could be wrong, and I always want to learn.

Asking the Right Questions

The most common question I get asked is “What should I take for ___________?”.  I think this is probably the biggest disservice that western allopathic medicine has contributed to the human condition – reducing how we think about and pursue health to a medication or treatment.  This can never bring real, sustained health because it …

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Light, Water and Air

Everything interacts.  This is a basic tenet of quantum physics.  In reality, in creation, nothing occurs in a vacuum.  Nothing is compartmentalized.  Everything affects everything else.  And this affect is not limited by space or time (google the research done on intentionality to understand this). This is especially true for light, water, and air, both …

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Surviving EMF

Since the early 1900’s we, due to the explosion in technology, have been adding layer upon layer of new electromagnetic field (EMF) frequencies with which our body/mind/spirit must learn to cope. These EMFs disrupt the natural bioenergetic frequencies that structure the water in and around our cells (not only ours but also those in soil, …

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What Will You Choose to Love

Bottom line is, when it comes to health and wellness, love is what matters.  Love structures our water.  Love creates and begets life.  Love brings harmony and balance.  Love binds all things together.  Love is the totality of truth and beauty and goodness.  Love heals and makes sense of suffering.  In the end, love is …

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What is Disease

One thing farming has taught me is that everything in creation works together in order to maintain balance and harmony.  When one nutrient or microorganism or plant or animal becomes too predominant, there are compensatory mechanisms that come into play to restore balance.  Predation is one of these mechanisms.  The weak or injured or dying …

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Why Spirituality

First, consider the underlying assumptions of western culture and western science.  If creation randomly evolved; if the whole is no more than the sum of its parts; if interaction is limited by proximity, then health and wellness should be a simple matter of finding the right drug to affect the needed correction and restore health.  …

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