Who I am and what are my tenets for a healthy life?

Who is Neal Reishus ?

From Physician’s Assistant to psychotherapist to farmer to Traditional Naturopath, the story of Neal Reishus, BCTN and my seemingly unrelated career choices, is actually a journey from separation to connection.  A journey that taught me how the many parts of life are all connected.  Much of western medicine sees only the body, separate from the mind and spirit, and is primarily interested in treating symptoms rather than root causes.  As a traditional naturopath I am interested in helping you achieve and maintain your optimal health using natural methods that support your bodies innate ability to self-heal. 


Farming is what got me started toward understanding the need for unity between the many aspects of life.  The life cycle of plants and animals is so much shorter than our own, that the consequence of farming in a disconnected or unnatural way using synthetic fertilizer, chemicals, hybridization, feeding waste products, and pharmaceuticals became readily apparent.  Conventional farming was causing the death of soil microbes and worms, loss of ability to concentrate nutrients, loss of fertility, abnormal birthing, and shortened life span.  Moving to grass-based, organic farming made sense as our eyes were opened to all the advantages nature had to offer; we began to see real life in all of nature’s abundance.  We saw that the harmonious symphony of all creatures is necessary to make life, fertility, health and vibrance flourish.  With time we saw how the changes on the farm were showing up in changes to our own health. 


If you want a healthy life, to have your mind, body and spirit work in rhythm then join me at Restore!  We will work together to restore your unity!

Neal Reishus

Neal's Bio

Neal Reishus is a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath with a master’s degree in clinical psychology. His interest in biology (BA in Biology, Fransciscan University, 1981) and medicine (BS in Medicine, Physician Assistant Program, Baylor College of Medicine, 1983) translated into an interest in psychology (MA in Clinical Psychology, Ball State University, 1990). He developed
a passion for working with individuals and families who struggled with serious mental illness - schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression. A seemingly divergent switch to full time organic farming in 1998 soon revealed itself to be a call to a holistic way of living; culminating in continuing his education at Trinity School of Natural Health. He finished this training (Certified
Traditional Naturopath program) in 2021 and is now a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath through the American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners. Neal’s desire is to walk with others the path of a holistic way of living - uniting mind, body, and spirit in a healthy and life affirming adventure. 

His partner on this trek is his wife, Michele. They have two children and five grandchildren. Neal and Michele live and work on their certified organic, grass-fed, livestock and crop farm outside of Kokomo. You can learn more at their farm website.

My Philosphy of Wellness

I believe that health and wellness is all about discerning the particulars of a holistic, balanced lifestyle that you fall in love with and are capable of maintaining no matter what life throws at you. As such, wellness cannot be about a pill or a supplement or a treatment or a diet or a weekend retreat. All those are possibly good but you can’t out-medicate or out-supplement or out-treat or out-diet an unhealthy lifestyle. This just leads to a vicious cycle of dis-ease and repair - ups and downs and never balance and
harmony. My desire is to learn (and teach) a way of life that mindfully and intentionally, minute-by-minute and day-by-day promotes optimal health. This necessarily has to encompass how and what we eat and drink, how we manage toxin exposure, how we think, how we manage our emotions and how we believe and relate spiritually.